Kinnick at 100

This summer marks two historically significant dates for Hawkeye fans: the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nile Kinnick, and the 75th anniversary of his tragic death. Kinnick was born July 9, 1918, in the tiny town of Adel, Iowa. He died June 2, 1943, while piloting a fighter plane on a training mission off the coast of Venezuela. In the 24 short years between, the consummate All-American packed a lifetime's worth of achievements. In memory of Iowa's favorite son, scholar, and Ironman, we look back on his life and legacy.

Kinnick's Final Days

Seventy-five years after his death, Nile Kinnick's last letters and journal entries provide us with an intimate glimpse of the man behind the legend—and the leader he may have become.

Voices from the Past

A radio interview between two star students offers a rare chance to hear from Kinnick firsthand on two passions: football and education.

10 Ways Kinnick's Legacy Endures

A century after his birth and 75 years after his death, Nile Kinnick (40BA) remains one of the most compelling figures in the history of the University of Iowa, the state of Iowa, and college athletics. Here are 10 ways Kinnick's spirit still burns bright in 2018.

Piecing Together Hawkeye History

In 2003, UI Athletics Hall of Fame ambassador Mark Wilson was handed a box full of broken trophy parts. Piece by piece, he reassembled a lost remnant of Nile Kinnick's storied career at Iowa.

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