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The world stopped; they took action. Iowa's medical workers and top researchers rise to meet the COVID-19 crisis.
How one of the greatest baseball stories ever told first took shape for author W.P. Kinsella at the Iowa Writers' Workshop
Meet the University of Iowa's social media ambassadors—the Instagram-savvy undergrads who give prospective Iowa students an authentic glimpse of college life.
The University of Iowa religious studies professor who inspired generations of students marks 50 years of teaching.
The NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl champion says farewell after 13 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.
Costume designer Cathy Parrott brings fashion and style to high-profile productions ranging from The Greatest Showman to In the Heights.
Students commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment with an examination of the decades-long movement to earn women the right to vote in the U.S.
Wearing an EEG headband, University of Iowa alumnus Jason Snell manipulates synthesizers and drum machines using only his brainwaves.
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