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University of Iowa faculty and staff consider the long-term effects of COVID-19 on business, health care, education, politics, and the environment.
A Q&A reveals what’s on the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s mind these days as she releases the latest novel in the Gilead series.
The postponement of this fall's Hawkeye football season wasn't the first time local, national, and world events affected the game.
Sociology and criminology professor Mark Berg discusses how national incidents of police brutality have shifted classroom discussion and how UI research is shining a light on racial disparities.
Hawkeyes share how they've navigated the uncertainties of this sports season.
Iowa alumnus Lee Scott Theisen divulges the rich and surprising history behind our favorite snack.
Recent Nonfiction Writing Program grad Lulu Dewey (20MFA) shares a comic tale of finding fresh shrimp in the heartland.
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