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What Comes to Mind When You Think About the University of Iowa?

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Hawkeye alumni and friends share their one-word impressions of campus.

You might remember rushing the field at Kinnick Stadium after a game-winning touchdown or walking down the T. Anne Cleary Walkway while the first snow of the season fell. Or maybe you remember a class at Iowa where you fell in love with engineering, biology, or writing.

Memories flow easily when alumni and friends think about the University of Iowa, but what if you had to narrow down those impressions to one word? Here’s what came to mind for fellow Hawkeyes.

Home graphic

No matter how long you’ve lived in Iowa City, this place feels like home.

Home…..30 years later and that’s still my first reaction!- Shannon Cooper Scheffel
Home. Literally grew up in walking distance, attended UI, and still here.- Joe Henderson
Home- Ann Cassill Hogan
My second HOME- Rhonda Thomas

Life Changing Graphic
“For me, it is life-changing. I'm now 65 and retired. The decision to transfer to Iowa as a sophomore and my years in Iowa City had a far-reaching impact on my life, both personally and professionally.”- Steve Gude (79BA, 80MA)

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They call it the best tradition in college football for a reason.

The Wave!!!- Pamela Newberry
Wave- Kathy Erwin
Wave- Jo Gerot
The wave is awesome- Luetta Wolfinger

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There’s nothing like being in Iowa City on game day, decked out in black and gold, and cheering on the Hawks.

Football excitement- Diana Senner
Hawkeye football- Barb Sauer
The love of Hawkeye football from my Mom and Dad. I'm forever a Hawkeye!- Laurie Parsons Harre

Corn graphic
“Corn. Lots of corn.”- Bruce Kinsey

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From the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to the phenomenal wrestling program, Iowa is known for its distinction across disciplines.

Excellence!!- Wendy Hochreiter
Excellence!- Bonnie Souhrada Handzel

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Technically two words, but Iowa’s the place where you can grow as a person and start the next chapter of your life.

Alma mater; proud to be a U of I College of Nursing grad! Go Hawks!- Kristy Weimerskirch Cornelius
My Dad's Alma Mater- LeAnn Srite
My brother's and my alma mater!! My parents were so proud of us because neither of them went past 9th grade in school and they got married in the midst of the Depression when they were 18 and 21.- Cynthia Martens Beatty Brown

Memories graphic
“Memories. Where I met my hubby and became a Hawkeye fan! Great memories!”- Kay Marschall
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