IOWA Alumni Magazine | April 2010
Campus Seen
19 students, 1 campus, 100 hours.

Scott Miller took photos of Hawkeye football players celebrating a touchdown at Kinnick Stadium. Megan Dial* caught a student doing some last-minute homework before class. Adrienne Klopfenstein rode around town with a sushi delivery driver, hanging out the car window to take pictures of everything from a sweaty jogger to the serene Iowa River.

These UI students and their classmates in a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences online journalism course did more than just snap photos during a typical fall weekend in Iowa City—they aimed to capture the essence of the University of Iowa campus and surrounding community.

For the "100 Hours Project", class assignment editors sent photographers out on the town during a set period of time in October and November, also inviting fellow UI students to submit anything from cell phone snapshots to professional-level work. The ensuing photos covered a cross-section of diverse experiences, from waiting idly for the Cambus to chasing Frisbees across the Pentacrest, and from partying downtown on Halloween night to attending a worship service on Sunday morning.

Other images show UI students diligently hitting the books—intensive study sessions from the library, residence halls, and apartments appear on the project's website, along with many other shots specifically taken for the Web and not a print magazine like this one. While we would've loved to include a broader selection of photos, the ones among these pages met our print-quality standards and offer a taste of the students' hard work. To check out the full range of campus happenings captured in this project, we encourage you to browse online.

Whether candid or posed, these raw images give a broad and realistic portrayal of the life of current students. Says managing editor Dial, "This is what we're made of."

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