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Nearly 80 years ago, an unlikely UI mountain-climbing club emerged from the cornfields of Iowa to become one of the most active in the world. Now the next generation of outdoorsmen continue in their Hawkeye family's footsteps.
A Hawkeye football favorite finds ultimate freedom in backpacking around the world, taking photos that inspire a sense of wonder.
After surviving a horrific burn injury, an Iowa City native finds strength and healing in dogsled racing across the frozen tundra of Alaska.
An accomplished rock climber and self-described gypsy takes cooking to new heights.
A recent grad finds joy in minimalism along the Appalachian Trail.
A UI-trained dentist completes seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.
A travel story from International Writing Program author Yuriy Serebriansky.
This past March, 225 UI students lent their time and talents to people in need nationwide.
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