Iowa Alumni Magazine | August 2014 | Features

Talk Back

By Shelbi Thomas
We recently asked followers of our Facebook page what a college student shouldn't be without. Here are a few of their replies:

* denotes UIAA membership.

"A journal for recording memories that are powerful or mundane at the time, but that are more interesting and valuable as the years go by."

~Victoria Carlson-Casaregola, 84BA, 89MA

"A good lawyer to salvage your apartment's deposit."

~Mitchell Patrick

"A S.T.A.T. membership."

~Colin Nelson-Pinkston*

"A good book bag."

~Rebecca Meeke

"An extracurricular activity that they enjoy. It changes the entire semester and can be really fun."

~Nick Malone

"A locking file cabinet."

~Mary Reckert Geller

"Ramen noodles!"

~Emily Thiem

"A positive attitude and school spirit."

~Paul Kim

"A job. I worked 20 hours per week during classes and 40 hours during the summer. It was tough, but I never borrowed a dime."

~Mark Johnston, 86BBA

"A power strip."

~Alan Anton

"A plan for what they're going to do with the education they're receiving. Oh, and duct tape, too; you never know when you'll need that."

~Jim Rueffer*, 01BBA

"A good friend!"

~Calan Smidt