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January 2018

Cover Story: Iowa neuroscientists aim to solve the mysteries of our most complex organ.

November 2017

Cover Story: Meet Hawkeyes working for an environmentally sustainable future.

September 2017

Cover Story: College football continues to feel the impact of Coach Hayden Fry.

July 2017

Cover Story: Hawkeye Nation - Going places with the IOWA Clubs.

May 2017

Cover Story: Portraits from some of the most revolutionary years in Iowa farm life.

March 2017

Cover Story: The twists of fate that delivered Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein, 66PhD, from death. Decades later, he finally shares his story.

January 2017

Cover Story: The UIAA celebrates 150 years!

November 2016

COVER STORY: Hancher Auditorium celebrates its renewal with a series of public events and one glorious opening night.

September 2016

COVER STORY: Tales from inside the historic UI hall.

July 2016

COVER STORY: A new online UI Libraries exhibit explores the politics, culture, and student life that defined Iowa City - and the nation - in the 1960s.

April 2016

COVER STORY: Campaign student volunteers experience the thrill of democracy in action.

February 2016

COVER STORY: For decades, Hawkeye couples have exchanged vows at Danforth Chapel. Readers share photos and memories of their wedding day at this campus landmark.

December 2015

COVER STORY: Bruce Harreld discusses his Ohio childhood, the value of a liberal arts education, and taking the reins at the University of Iowa.

October 2015

COVER STORY: Stop us if you've heard this one. Iowa alumni and former students who make us laugh.

August 2015

COVER STORY: Award-winning photographer David Guttenfelder, 93BA, documents the world's war-torn, fragile places in riveting images that have earned him international accolades.

June 2015

COVER STORY: Iowa Alumni Magazine presents this summer reading guide of acclaimed works from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, the UI Press, and other Iowa-affiliated authors.

April 2015

COVER STORY: With creative minds, a determined spirit, and UI support, student and alumni entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market.

February 2015

COVER STORY: With hard work and heart, a UI law alumnus builds a musical legacy that honors and preserves an American treasure.

December 2014

COVER STORY: A collaborative UI initiative confronts the complex problem of obesity, challenging stereotypes about the disease and finding solutions to one of the nation's top health threats. It's not just about the food.

October 2014

COVER STORY: Full of hope and excitement, two black South African women used the education they gained at the University of Iowa to help rebuild their country after apartheid.

August 2014

COVER STORY: In the second Herky on Parade public art event, the UI's mascot has cropped up all over Iowa City and surrounding communities, dressed as members of the armed forces, celebrities like Hayden Fry, and a host of other colorful creations.

June 2014

COVER STORY: Across the ages, maps have helped people and societies chart their course through history. Now, technology opens up exciting new territory.

April 2014

COVER STORY: Moved by heartbreaking headlines, University of Iowa faculty and researchers join the national movement against bullying.

February 2014

COVER STORY: And you thought your book club was interesting! The Iowa Bibliophiles, hosted by UI Libraries' Special Collections, get to select from 500 years of legendary works and authors.

December 2013

COVER STORY: A UI expert ponders the pros and cons of a radically extended human lifespan.

October 2013

COVER STORY: A former UI pathology professor played a little-known but major role on the day and in the aftermath of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

August 2013

COVER STORY: In response to several high-profile news cases, Iowa Alumni Magazine joins the national conversation about how society misconstrues, perpetuates, and judges sexual violence.

June 2013

At the Iowa Medical and Classification Center in Oakdale, about 30 of the prison's 300 long-term inmates join with volunteers in the Oakdale Community Choir to explore the redemptive, therapeutic, and community-building possibilities inherent in music.

April 2013

COVER STORY: Inspired by a young boy's courage and soaring imagination, a UI alumnus creates a film that finds love and hope during one of the darkest times in human history.

February 2013

COVER STORY: Latinos have been living in and shaping the Midwest for generations, yet they rarely appear in historic accounts. University of Iowa faculty and staff are working to set the record straight..

December 2012

COVER STORY: Do happiness and work even belong in the same sentence together? UI alumni and professors and some positive psychology principles offer advice on how to follow your heart, love your coworkers, and change your perspective.

October 2012

COVER STORY: With the presidential election only a few weeks away, a UI computer science professor explains what can go wrong in the voting booth (hanging chads, anyone?) - and why it's crucial to democracy to get it right.

August 2012

COVER STORY: Iowa alumni working at a legendary American motorcycle company offer a Hawk's perspective on what it means to be a Hog.

June 2012

COVER STORY: A century of University of Iowa yearbooks goes online.

April 2012

COVER STORY: With diabetes at crisis levels in the U.S., the UI embarks on an ambitious effort to curb this deadly disease.

February 2012

COVER STORY: It's easy to find scapegoats for today's uncivil politics, but according to some experts on the issue civility starts at home.

December 2011

COVER STORY: Each year, hundreds of people donate their bodies to the UI for scientific research, to help the living learn from the dead.

October 2011

COVER STORY: During the turbulent 1960s and '70s, the times really were a'changin'. Some 40 years after the Kent State shootings heightened student discontent with politics and war, a special UI exhibit inspires reflection on an unforgettable period.

August 2011

COVER STORY: Three UI alumni work in different ways to defeat an illegal, inhumane, and invisible industry - human trafficking.

June 2011

COVER STORY: An innovative photographer offers a new perspective on America's national parks.

April 2011

COVER STORY: As more students seek counseling services on U.S. campuses, evidence mounts that college is often a battleground for struggles with mental illness.

February 2011

COVER STORY: For decades, the UI's most famed art faculty member has been little more than an ethereal presence on campus. That's changing, thanks in part to a new book that helps flesh out the true story of Grant Wood.

December 2010

COVER STORY: In the largest, most expensive scientific experiment in history, UI physicists seek to unlock and explore the secrets of the universe.

October 2010

COVER STORY: In an unorthodox and cathartic project, veterans find creative new uses for their military clothing.

August 2010

COVER STORY: In recent years, the disgrace of companies like BP and Enron has shattered the

April 2010

COVER STORY: Victim of a random, violent crime, a UI alumnus finds his life totally thrown off course - for the better.

February 2010

COVER STORY: Hawkeye football fans will long remember the incredible, record-breaking 2009 season. Here, Iowa Alumni Magazine celebrates some of the magic moments.

December 2009

COVER STORY: Nurses at an innovative UI training center hone their life-saving skills in a dummy run.

October 2009

COVER STORY: Old traditions and new challenges mark the beginning of the Class of 2013's life-changing transformations at the University of Iowa.

August 2009

COVER STORY: Once covering our state with tall grass and wildflowers, the prairie landscape now dwindles. This photo essay celebrates the heritage of our land--and the importance of finding a place to call home.

June 2009

Cover - Iowa Alumni Magazine - June 2009

April 2009

Cover - Iowa Alumni Magazine - April 2009