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October 2009 Where the Wild Things Are

An unusual and little known University of Iowa center offers a safe haven for birds that ...

October 2009 October 2009 Cover

COVER STORY: Old traditions and new challenges mark the beginning of the Class of 2013's ...

October 2009 Changing Face on Myspace

A rhetoric course explores why we're so much cooler online.

October 2009 Never Again: Evelyn Vinduska McKnight

A victim of shocking medical negligence Evelyn Vinduska McKnight now works to prevent oth...

October 2009 For the Record: David Hammer

UI graduate David Hammer compiles a life of legal battles into his new book "For the Reco...

October 2009 Biking for a Cure

A Ragbrai team raises awareness of eye disease.

October 2009 Transfer of Talent: Phyllis Seltzer

UI graduate Phyllis Seltzer has worked at perfecting heat transfer printmaking.

October 2009 Meet Me on the Mountain

UI graduate Shawn Kirchner releases his album Meet Me on the Mountain.

October 2009 Alison Cavanaugh

UI senior golfer Alison Cavanaugh qualifies to play on Amateur tour.

October 2009 Fighting the Flu

The UI helps the U.S. confront a potential pandemic.

October 2009 Welcome to Iowa

At the beginning of a school year, the University of Iowa promises new students a challen...

October 2009 Playing with Fire: Mary Lata

With the tilt of a drip torch, Mary Lata ignites a prairie into flames. It's not what you...

October 2009 Heroes on Horseback

In an unusual campaign, American support to the Northern Alliance defeated an army of at ...

October 2009 Rx for Reform

With the U.S. healthcare system on the verge of a breakdown, UI experts offer their presc...