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December 2009 Brother, Can You Spare 17 Syllables

An ancient form of poetry lifts spirits during the current economic downturn.

December 2009 December 2009 Cover

COVER STORY: Nurses at an innovative UI training center hone their life-saving skills in ...

December 2009 You Want Me to Build What???...Where???

UI Museum of Art preparator Steve Erickson, 92MA, 93MFA, gives the Richey Ballroom an ext...

December 2009 Outside the Box

UI Alumni looks to the past for inspiration in architecture.

December 2009 Listen - Leaving the High Ground

Leaving the High Ground by Josh Connor, 07BLS.

December 2009 Kindling Hope: Robert Cormeny

UI student gives hope to children with HIV/AIDS.

December 2009 Mara Hilgenberg and Emma Kittle

Hawkeye traditon reunites with the daughters of former Hawkeye Football players.

December 2009 Newsmaker: Ignacio Ponseti

Revolutionary doctor of Orthopedics dies.

December 2009 A Genius On Paper: Tim Barrett

A $500,000 grant gives a specialist researcher creative freedom.

December 2009 Sustaining Small-Town Iowa

UI graduate student planners bring big ideas to local communities

December 2009 Perfect Patients

Nurses at an innovative UI training center hone their life-saving skills in a dummy run.

December 2009 Take a Deep Look

A new book of photographs celebrates the smallest of natural wonders.

December 2009 Champion for Social Justice: Kesho Scott

Associate American Studies and sociology professor at Grinnell College - the first tenure...

December 2009 Forgotten Champions

Political unrest and poor timing cast a shadow of obscurity over the UI's first-ever nati...