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August 2009 Mind Over Muscle

A world-renowned UI scientist confronts the complex mystery of muscular dystrophy.

August 2009 August 2009 Cover

COVER STORY: Once covering our state with tall grass and wildflowers, the prairie landsca...

August 2009 100 Years Young

This September, UI Alumnus, W. Howard Lloyd, will celebrate his 100th birthday

August 2009 Car Talk

Honk if you love cars. Author Bill Jepsen turned his passion for motor vehicles into a bo...

August 2009 What Are You Into?

As the director of the Office for Study Abroad, Janis Perkins sends students off to see t...

August 2009 A Profile of Hope

An African-American Iowan now living in New York, Lois Garland-Patterson, 69BSPh, 98PhD, ...

August 2009 Can't Contain Us!

Hancher announces its full season without a building.

August 2009 Inspiring or Tiring?

A UI expert puts motivational posters to the test.

August 2009 Guide to Paradise

On any given day, Barbara Renneke might glide beneath a canopy of mangroves, eavesdrop on...

August 2009 Big Bugs

Creepy crawlies have invaded Iowa this summer-and they aren't your garden variety bugs.

August 2009 Peggy Jenn

When the jerseys pile up, Peggy Jenn pretty much lives in the Hawkeye laundry room.

August 2009 From Iowa to the White House

Tyler Lechtenberg never thought that when Barack and Michelle Obama moved into the White ...

August 2009 Deluge of Memories

A UI collection highlights photos and stories from the flood.

August 2009 One Year Later

The UI community commemorates the historic flood of 2008 with a determination to "Remembe...