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April 2011 The Laura Caldwell Experience

Meet Law professor, 'chick lit' author, and crusading attorney, Laura Caldwell.

April 2011 April 2011 Cover

COVER STORY: As more students seek counseling services on U.S. campuses, evidence mounts ...

April 2011 Engineering Across Cultures

UI and French students participate in a virtual team to collaborate on a real-life projec...

April 2011 The Voice of Virgil

Nearly 50 years after he last presided over the UI campus, Virgil Hancher is back

April 2011 Invisible Bridge

by Julie Orringer, 96MFA

April 2011 Forest Artist

Meet Joan Backes, 72BA

April 2011 Construction Comic

Meet Carmen Ciricillo, 85BBA

April 2011 A Steal of a Story

Penny Musco recently toured Kansas with Steal Away during Black Histroy Month.

April 2011 Compassionate Server

Jordanne LeTourneau has dedicated her life to serving both on and off the court.

April 2011 The Wilder Life

A UI alumna ventures into the Big Woods, endures The Long Winter, and traces the surprisi...

April 2011 NEWSMAKER: Witness to History

Meet UI student Dan Olinghouse

April 2011 Hospital Makeover

A new Children's Hospital tower will kick off a decade of UIHC renovations.

April 2011 My Big Book of Poetry

An unusual literary offering takes up residence in UI Libraries' Special Collections.

April 2011 Bonfires of the Mind

As more students seek counseling services on U.S. campuses, evidence mounts that college ...

April 2011 Star Student

Johnny Kastl walked away from Hollywood to take on his most challenging role yet - first-...