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April 2010 April 2010 Cover

COVER STORY: Victim of a random, violent crime, a UI alumnus finds his life totally throw...

April 2010 Letters to J.D. Salinger

Read Letters to J.D. Salinger edited by Chris Kubica and Will Hochman.

April 2010 The Georges and the Jewels

Read The Georges and the Jewels by Jane Smiley, 75MA, 76MFA, 78PhD

April 2010 Back to Basketball

PlaymakerAbby Emmert, 08BA

April 2010 For the Kids

Courtney Bond explains why she and so many other Dance Marathon students and alumni give ...

April 2010 Starting Over

Work begins on replacements for the UI's flooded music, art, and performing arts venues.

April 2010 Press "Start" to Learn

Freshmen examine the educational value of video games.

April 2010 Campus Seen

19 students, 1 campus, 100 hours.

April 2010 Perchance to Dream

Retired professor Mary Maher has discovered great actors' techniques for performing Shake...

April 2010 Pleasure Doing Business

Tom Hudson, 93BA, has climbed the ranks of financial journalism to present the acclaimed ...

April 2010 After the Bullet

With help from the University of Iowa, a determined alumnus transforms a senseless crime ...

April 2010 Newsmaker: Christopher Buresh

UI Assistant Professor travels to Haiti after a devastating earthquake.

April 2010 Repro Man

A UIMA graduate assistant curates a fascinating exhibit on the history of print reproduct...

April 2010 Clowning For A Cause

Meet Rachel Sandler.

April 2010 Bodies in Motion

Through collaboration and pioneering research, UI sports medicine specialists help amateu...