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April 2009 Fun with Physics

Ever wonder why a ball bounces or how an airplane stays in the sky? A popular UI class ad...

April 2009 Life Science

As the nation's latest multiple birth raises eyebrows about in vitro fertilization, UI sp...

April 2009 April 2009 Cover

Cover - Iowa Alumni Magazine - April 2009

April 2009 Bearded Brothers

Ahead by a whisker? The UI men's swimming team temporarily ditches the clean-shaven look.

April 2009 Paul Rothman

Carver College of Medicine Dean Paul Rothman talks music, movies, and medicine.

April 2009 Figure Skating Family: Elke Nelson

A scene fit for a snow globe recently came to life for one mother-daughter ice skating te...

April 2009 I Heart Politics

UI alumna Kelly Drake, 04BA, explains why she's a political junkie. (And why that's a pos...

April 2009 Home Away from Home

The UI Museum of Art collection returns to Iowa.

April 2009 Sunday Afternoon on the Porch

Lost for decades, these evocative photographs by a UI alumnus tell the story of a small I...

April 2009 Fruitful Actor

Gene Steichen went to Hollywood to be a movie star. Instead, he turned over a new leaf.

April 2009 Oppenheimer is Watching Me by Jeff Porter and Little Lost River: A Novel by Pamela Johnston

IAM staff review a memoir by English professor Jeff Porter and a novel by Iowa alum Pamel...

April 2009 Talya Vexler

Hawkeye assistant gymnastics coach Talya Vexler, a breast cancer survivor, shares her sto...

April 2009 Lincoln Lady: Joan Flinspach

Joan Flinspach, secretary of the nation's Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, has be...

April 2009 Olivia Myers

This past winter, an international audience of thousands watched UI student Olivia Myers ...

April 2009 Giving from the Kidney: Ed Grattam

With his kidney donation, Ed Grattan entered the UIHC record booksand saved a stranger's...

April 2009 Alter Egos

A UI grad pushes the family comedy into uncharted territory.

April 2009 Hard Times

The UI feels the pressure of a harsh economic climate.

April 2009 Busted!

Dirty politicians and corrupt businessmen meet their match in a former UI cheerleader who...